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The man I love with all my heart is dead, my sexy shark man got his fricken head lopped off! its so ridiculous! first his own sword turns on him and now he gets his head chopped off and is basically called a moron! It fills me with tears of rage! I am going to take a while to get over this, I know he's only a character but in all honesty I have never felt so passionately about a character as much as I do Kisame. He is my love of all loves and now he is gone.

I love him more than Two Face and that says alot.

In loving memory of Kisame, at least now you can be reunited with Itachi...I'm going to go and cry for a while now.

I know its not much but its my little memorial for him.

I put on my kimono that reminded me of him, I had to 'shark out' my face because I just looked so miserable T^T
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